I am a long time gamer, and have a husband and two kids who are gamers also. We play table top rpg, my son plays in a LARP and we all play computer and video games too.

I am a long time gamer, and have a husband and two kids who are gamers also. We play table top rpg, my son plays in a LARP and we all play computer and video games too.

Random Dungeon Generator

So when I am strapped for time in my busy life and find myself in need of a dungeon map I turn to Gozzy’s Random Dungeon Generator. The site is easy to navigate and gives a good deal of flexibility in choosing room concentration, number of exits, and even the floor coloring. This site also have a number of other random maps such as wilderness maps. I hope that you can find some use for this site as you try to mesh together family life while still maintaining that table-top rpg schedule.

Sacred Places

I have been on a jag of watching documentaries on my Netflix account. Tonight it is a documentary on the Maya Code. Interesting so far. Still I would like to know, as would others, why they abandoned the temples to the forests. So much to be learned. In looking for some information I came across an interesting site sure to be useful to any DM of game. Sacred Sites at Sacred Destinations. I plan to add it to my base of ideas for significant sites for my games. They cover a wide range of different places, including the Mayan Temples I have found so interesting of late. Hope it is of use to you.

Need a game for healthy eating

I know I should eat healthy and all that. I have even read books and articles on what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. Still I find myself having a late night snack of pop and a brownie, and not just here or there but far more then I should. What I need is a game, something tied to my social media accounts or that links to other people so that I rank among others. Then I could push myself to behave to just beat out the next guy or to get the top spot. There are a few things out there along those lines, but nothing that quite works for me. I need one that tracks what I eat as well as what I weigh. I am sure it is coming soon to a computer or gaming station near you….

A Ratling and a Goblin are in a tavern…..

In a tavern in Smith City the ratling and the goblin who have formed a loose association are reviewing the adventurer postings near the front door when they notice that one of the wanted posters was for another patron in the tavern.  Just as this duo were debating how to best approach the draconian to capture him and gain their reward, now if they could just read the wanted poster they have.  At about the same time the nomad notices that the draconian is on the wanted poster as well.
The necromantic nomad approaches the draconian hoping to apprehend him for the reward. He strikes the demonologist draconian who breaths fire in his direction scorching several bar chairs and a table. This also alerts the tavern security. In retaliation the nomad summons a skeleton causing panic to ensue in the tavern. To this the goblin creates a aura of darkness around himself as well as the ratling, and a wolfling that had been sitting at the table, they are now all under the table. Since the wolfing and ratling can not see in the goblins darkness they are safe from checking on the status of their sanity from the skeletons fear aura, but the goblin can see through his own darkness and is therefore subject to the sanity check. At this point the draconian unleashed a homunculus into the world. This leads to the ratling taking control of the mental faculties of the homunculus and commanding it to transport the draconian out of the bar. While the homunculus is not strong enough to lift the demonologist there is no resistance as the bouncers are shoving them out anyways.
Once out in the street the ratling touches the draconian causing disease on him that will persist for the next several hours. To create a distraction, or draw attention, the goblin starts to scream “Plague, Plague!!” which encourages the draconian to exit in pursuit of a safe place to hide to wait out the horrible illness that has befallen him.

Stay tuned for updates to the adventure in the next few days…..

What happens when the Sphinx is gone?

While watching a documentary on the Sphinx I can not help but wonder what will happen when the Sphinx is completely gone.  Someday the stone that makes up the Sphinx will be worn away from weather and people and all that will be left is dust.  I guess it depends on how into conspiracy theory you are or how much Call of Cthulhu you have played as to how concerned you are by all the poking around that goes on with these ancient wonders.

I, myself, are rather concerned for one.  It only seems natural that they will someday open a door that was closed for a darn good reason and then where will we all be??

Until then the whole thought leads me to dark places in Call of Cthulhu or dark but still funny places in Horror Rules.  Perhaps I have found my inspiration for a Horror Rules adventure after all.  Dark places like the switching of the magnetic poles and the unknown havoc that will cause, perhaps north and south swap places even over the equator.  Or perhaps the world goes through a great change and magic returns to the world (that assumes you believe it was once here).  Or when it is all dust a homing beacon for an alien race will appear and begin broadcasting, we can only hope they are helpful like last time…

Your thoughts?

Orycon 32

We are busy starting preparations in our house for this years Orycon event in November, this year it is November 12-14 at the Lloyd Center Doubletree.  Orycon is a Science Fiction convention held each year in Portland, the theme for this year is The Dark Side of Fantasy

P.N. Elrod
Author Guest of Honor
Sharyn November
Editor Guest of Honor
Chad Savage
Artist Guest of Honor

The convention is something I have been attending for the last several years.  During the day there are workshops, seminars and discussions to attend on a wide range of subject from costuming (my favorite) to writing and even true science itself.  After dinner time many people get dressed up in a variety of costumes from the basic to the elaborate.

One of the big costume genre’s that has taken off in the last few years is Steampunk.  My husband and I are planning to join in this year, assuming I can get our costumes completed in time.  He is going as a mad scientist and me as a clockwork doll, should be quite interesting.

Last year we brought the kids along for ½ of the convention, the headed off to a sleepovers at grandpa and grandma’s house for the other half.  It was a the perfect compromise in allowing the kids exposure to conventions but still left us the second half of the time to act like we weren’t responsible parents.; especially at the evening room parties.  Though the Greater Portland Costumer’s Guild, held a milk and cookies party the night the kids were there and me and the kids spent our evening there or at the dance.

If it sounds at all interesting I would recommend it, currently the price for admission to con is $45 for the whole weekend, well worth the money, but the closer to con it gets the higher the price goes.  Hope to see you there!!

Pirate Family

Here you can see the costumes that we wore on our Trick or Treat session through the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.  I did not make my husband’s pirate captain outfit, but I did make my wench costume as well as the kids’ costumes.  My daughters is based on a pajama pattern, and my son’s was made without the use of patterns.  She wanted to be a standard pirate kid, and my son wanted to be a “washed ashore, shipwrecked pirate”.  His costume is now being used for his Live Action events.

Of course we had to get our family picture with Disney’s primary pirates!!

Legendary Lives 2nd Edition

My favorite game to run is Legendary Lives 2nd Edition.  I have been running this fantasy based RPG since the mid 90’s.  In particular I like the open magic system and the ease of game play.  Since Marquee Press went out of business the authors have put the rule book on the web at www.hauntedattic.org.  There are several other RPG books available on the site including Lost Souls which I have always wanted to run but have not yet had a group interested.

I will be using this blog to post an update of my current groups adventures every other week.  Look for the first post telling about how they all met in the next few days.

Summer crazies

It amazes me how in my relatively simple life just how busy the summer can be.  Looking at our family calendar today I realized that there are only 3 days in the whole of July that are event free for everyone in my family.  Though July is still a few days away so I suppose those 3 precious days could dwindle quickly.

The kids are both in swim lessons, though blessedly at the same day/time schedule, and they are both in scouts; other then that they have no commitments.  And while we do have a regular gaming schedule for Friday nights and the occasional Saturday, we don’t do much either.  Yet here we are without a moment to breath before we rush off to the next thing.

Guess it is part of life when you only get a couple months a year were both sun and warmth can coexist while you are outdoors.  I really wanted to get in some hiking this summer and a couplet trips.  I did manage one beach trip and we have a camping trip planned, guess hiking will have to wait for August, or maybe even September…

At least we have plenty going and perhaps that will keep the “I’m bored” away for as long as possible.  I will keep my fingers crossed and let you know how long it lasts.

Hello world!

In the beginning there was one post, this one post as a matter of fact.  Like any amazing journey starts with the first step this amazing blog starts with this first post.  Coming soon will be posts on so many of the topics that spark my interest and otherwise cross the path of my halfling life.

Perhaps some about me.  I gained the name halfling in high school, this is because I am only 4’10”, love to walk barefoot when possible, and generally play halflings in Dungeons and Dragons games.  The nickname has been with me since, and has become such a part of who and what I am that I carry it over to my new past time of blogging on this website.

My family is typically in many ways, two adults and two kids, two males and two females, both adults work and both kids attend school, but we are different in many ways also, we play computer, video, and board games as well as table top RPGs.  While to us this is usual, we realize that not every family owns one computer per person and refers to their dining room as the game room.  Since I spend much of my time conforming to the “normal” world, this blog is a safe place for me to let the gamer girl out, enjoying and even celebrating in all that is in a good, geeky, gamer life.