A doll in your likeness

CloneFactory Image from laughingsquid

Courtesy of my gamer friends on Facebook I was introduced to a company from Japan called CloneFactory.  For around $1750 the will make a 20″ doll with an amazing, and rather freaky, resemblance to you, according to this post on laughingsquid.  I am not really sure why anyone would need a 20″ doll that has that much realism to it.  I can see where the adult industry could use this for larger dolls in the future though…





In case you don’t have enough bacon at your house may I suggest that you add a plush talking bacon to your collection?  This discovery was actually made at a friends house during the holiday season of 2010.  The primary reason it sticks in my memory banks is that the house where I saw it was a vegetarian house, hardly the local for a plush bacon.  The gentleman of the house had received it as a gift from a friend, just a gentle ribbing over the great food he is missing out on.  You can pick this up at ThinkGeek.com, I suggest using one of my ads so you help support this website (I know, shameless plug).