Gamer Girls are different

New Game
So the season gears up for the great holiday of love, romance, and everything that simply isn’t me that we call Valentine’s Day. Thankfully we have ditched cable and the radio is now my only source of commercials and there I just change the station. I simply hate hearing one more commercial trying to convince the man in my life that I want diamonds, or jewelry or some such something girly for Valentine’s day.

The fact is that I am a gamer girl. Sure a nice card is good, but that is as girly as I get. If you want to get me a new computer or video game that would be great. Or maybe a new gaming book or that supplement I have been eying. Better yet just watch a movie with me like Tank Girl, haven’t watched that one lately.

Here is how gamer girls work. When the Titanic came out, oh so many years ago, my now ex-husband and I went on a Valentine’s Day date to the movies. I remember very clearly the long line of couples that were there, they were all going to see the Titanic. We went to see The Replacement Killers. While standing in line talking about the movie, the look of envy coming from the poor guys who had been escorted off to see the Titanic was nothing short of memorable. But that is how us gamer girls roll.

I went to see Fifth Element in the theater and then went back four more times. Of course you have to watch it 5 times, it is Fifth Element after all.

And these days I would rather get a new game to play either by myself, or with family and friends then some piece of jewelry I have no interest in wearing let alone maintaining. I always say if you are going to buy me a ring make it one from the quarter machine and attach a trip to Disney World to it, now there is a ring worth having.

So while some girls like fancy jewelry and expensive Coach purses, us serious gamer girls tend to like things a bit different. Just remember to woo based on the girl you got, not the one they talk about in the ads!!