Halloween Planning Session 2012

Me (at the breakfast table): Alright kids I know it is a bit away but if I am going to sew costumes for Halloween this year I need to start figuring that out soon.  So what do you want to be?

The girl: I want to be a Rainbow Dash.

The boy: I want to be something that goes with the Orycon theme this year.

Me (to the boy):I don’t remember what it is.

Me (to the girl): I am not making a pony costume, I could but it isn’t going to happen.

The girl: I could just paint Rainbow Dash’s cutie mark on my face.

Me: You are not going Trick-or-Treating with just some make-up on, not out of this house.  You need to come up with another idea.  It doesn’t have to be super fancy but you need a costume.

The girl: I will be a witch and use the cape I already have.

Me: That works.

The boy: Apocalypse something.

Me: Oh, yeah.  It is Apocalypse How ’cause of the whole 2012 thing.

The boy: So what goes with that theme?

Me: Well pretty much anything, all genre’s can have an apocalypse it is just the end of the world.

The boy: So a Cybernetic Monkey Butler would work?

Me: Yes a Cybernetic Monkey Butler would work