Hello world!

In the beginning there was one post, this one post as a matter of fact.  Like any amazing journey starts with the first step this amazing blog starts with this first post.  Coming soon will be posts on so many of the topics that spark my interest and otherwise cross the path of my halfling life.

Perhaps some about me.  I gained the name halfling in high school, this is because I am only 4’10”, love to walk barefoot when possible, and generally play halflings in Dungeons and Dragons games.  The nickname has been with me since, and has become such a part of who and what I am that I carry it over to my new past time of blogging on this website.

My family is typically in many ways, two adults and two kids, two males and two females, both adults work and both kids attend school, but we are different in many ways also, we play computer, video, and board games as well as table top RPGs.  While to us this is usual, we realize that not every family owns one computer per person and refers to their dining room as the game room.  Since I spend much of my time conforming to the “normal” world, this blog is a safe place for me to let the gamer girl out, enjoying and even celebrating in all that is in a good, geeky, gamer life.