Life as an RPG

It was mentioned to me the other day by a friend (I think as a quote from someone, but can’t locate the comment) that going to work is like being in a live action RPG. I couldn’t agree more.

For many of us, too many of us, we get up each day and put on our work clothes and head out the door. Depending on your situation even putting on your work clothes can feel like putting on a costume as it may be so different then what you wear in your free time. Then there is the how you have to act at work part, I don’t know about you but there are plenty of times for me that I have to act much differently then I want to, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

So we spend 40 hours (or so) a week playing a role for someone else, or several roles depending on your circumstance, in exchange for a paycheck. Certainly most of us are not really ourselves at work. I know that very few people at my work want to hear me geek out over my latest rpg session, or the game I got at con last month, or even what costume I am working on for the con a few months away. Instead they expect my job to be filled by a certain type of person, and to keep my job I need to fill that role, hence the live action rpg.

Personally I more enjoyed the fantasy based live action game I used to play, at least that character was a version of me that I dreamed up. But since there are bills to pay, mouths to feed, and cons to attend I will be heading off to the daily “game” later this morning. And when I get there and pull my id card off the rear view mirror and put the safety glasses on my head I will go into character and navigate the imaginary world that has been set out as today’s adventure. May you have as much luck with your adventure in your own live action rpg as I hope to have in mine.