Why I Love Guild Wars 2

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So, as many of you likely know, Guild Wars 2 will be releasing on Aug 28, 2012.  At our house this is exciting news, as I trust it is at many of yours as well. My husband and I pre-bought the game for both of us as our anniversary present this year back in April when the option became available.  We intend to each dedicate a character slot to our joint play time, kind of a gamer date time when the kids are at their dad’s house.  Any way that works is a good way to keep the spark alive.

I never played the first Guild Wars, and haven’t been very big into the whole multi-mass player online game thing.  Mostly I don’t like to team up with others, partly because as a mom my attention can rarely be devoted fully to the game and partly because I am not super good at them and feel self-conscience around others.

Thankfully Guild Wars 2 has proven to be the game I was waiting for, I just didn’t know it.  A big thank you to my husband for knowing it for me.

When I play rpg style games it is all about the character and the development of the character.  I will choose things based off what the character would choose not always what is the best from a number-crunch perspective.  This often makes my characters ineffective but very real; so far I have had enough choices to implement style without sacrificing ability which is great.  I love how the items have really out there names sometimes which feeds my character personality need quite well.

I also have enjoyed the immersion of the character background into their personal story line.  This allows me to focus on doing things and generally staying away from the tedium of grinding.  Any game that makes me grind will quickly be left behind, I don’t find it engaging to endlessly run areas to kill monsters just to get experience to level to do the next real thing.  With Guild Wars I can collect hearts or way point or views and just go to a whole new area if I need to level for my story line.  It keeps me engaged which means I keep playing.

My family budget loves the idea that I buy the game and then get to play it, no deciding what we are going to give up each month to afford the dues for four of us to play.  Or splitting accounts so that we can all take turns playing just to afford to play at all.  Thank you AreaNet for going “old school” on this and dumping the monthly fees!

All in all I am excited for go-live to get here so I can play, play, play!




I love Guild Wars 2. I briefly got to play the original Guild Wars which I found a bit confusing, and the areas you played in felt a bit empty because (as far as I know) you never played in the same area as other players unless they were in the same party as you. The game had way too many loading screens and I really don’t like loading screens.

Guild Wars 2 is completely different. I don’t mind the loading screens because the areas you play in are pretty big and you can spend hours in one area without seeing a single loading screen.

I love just about every aspect of the game (except the WvW queues which are way too long) and I love that it’s fun for both casual and hardcore gamers.

What is, in your opinion, the best part of Guild Wars 2 and how does it compare to other popular MMORPGs?


Thanks for the comment!
I agree that there are so many things I see as different with Guild Wars 2 as compared to other MMO’s I have seen and played.

I think my favorite difference in Guild Wars 2 is the dynamic events. There are so many times that I get sucked into what is going on in the world around me without even realizing I am working towards an event. For example, there was a time I stopped to talk to a merchant to sell off stuff, only to have a dynamic event generate in that location and the merchant was shot down mid-discussion. Well, that sure got my attention and I was drawn into the battle until we wiped the enemy out and I could revive my merchant and finish the exchange. Doesn’t feel more real than that!


I love the dynamic events in this game. I’ve played Rift and liked the dynamic events but the difference is that the events in Guild Wars 2 really make the game come to live.

The jumping puzzles are also a really nice addition to the game. I could browse the internet and search for their locations, but it’s so much fun discovering and solving them on my own.

There’s so much to do in Guild Wars 2!