Start your morning with a bang

Caffeinated Syrup

There are so many neat and unnecessary things in this world that you could blow your hard earned cash on.  In fact, most of the stuff out there is unneeded even if most of it isn’t neat.  But, for the college student that needs that morning pick-me-up after an all-night math proofing session I found the perfect geek gift at Think Geek.

What they need is caffeinated pancake syrup!  Now you can have your Eggo waffle and your morning caffeine all at once.  Really, who needs this you might ask.  Well I know in my (early) college days I used to grab a Jolt cola and a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans and call it breakfast.  So I guess I could have used this back in the day.

What crazy things did/do you eat for breakfast?