Summer crazies

It amazes me how in my relatively simple life just how busy the summer can be.  Looking at our family calendar today I realized that there are only 3 days in the whole of July that are event free for everyone in my family.  Though July is still a few days away so I suppose those 3 precious days could dwindle quickly.

The kids are both in swim lessons, though blessedly at the same day/time schedule, and they are both in scouts; other then that they have no commitments.  And while we do have a regular gaming schedule for Friday nights and the occasional Saturday, we don’t do much either.  Yet here we are without a moment to breath before we rush off to the next thing.

Guess it is part of life when you only get a couple months a year were both sun and warmth can coexist while you are outdoors.  I really wanted to get in some hiking this summer and a couplet trips.  I did manage one beach trip and we have a camping trip planned, guess hiking will have to wait for August, or maybe even September…

At least we have plenty going and perhaps that will keep the “I’m bored” away for as long as possible.  I will keep my fingers crossed and let you know how long it lasts.