A new look

Welcome to the new look, we are not sure how long we will be keeping the decor, but it feels good to try out some new clothes for a while. I suppose these sort of changes help to jazz things up and in our case being a newer blog lets us try out the furniture until we find something that fits. Hopefully we will be able to achieve a better, cleaner appearance then I could manage with our previous theme, in particular I wanted to assure that any ads on the site were not covering the content of the site, and they are not as of now, so all is well there. Also I rather prefer the blue tones to the red, but that is just me.

Let me know what you think of the new theme as I am always open to suggestions.

Tomorrow I will be posting about the game Apples to Apples, a rather fun and creative game to hit the market much more openly in recent years. High on creativity and enjoyable to many ages.

A gift for the gamer that has it all

So while cruising the internet for other great rpg blogs out there I ran across RPG Blog II. While perusing The Zack List I found a website for dice and thought I would take a look. My collection of dice is sadly small and I would like to add some more specialty dice to it, like the body parts die that my hubby got me at Gamestorm a couple years ago. In cruising through the dice set I found the ultimate gamer die that I think may find it’s way to a few of my friends for this coming Christmas. The Amazing D-Total Dice looks most interesting and if nothing else would give us something to talk about at the gaming table before game gets going.

The amazing thing about this die is that it is really 17 dice in one. In fact other then percentile dice and any custom stuff you have this die would replace most of them. Here is a video showing how it came to be and how it works.

Youtube – D Total – All Dice in One!