SETI scaling back

Space by Zakeros

So sad news really hit the public today.  Seems that the funding is no longer sufficient to keep the Allen Telescope Array up and going.  And while they are working to restore the program as soon as possible we could be missing the crucial moment of first contact (at least official first contact).  Seems to me that at a time where it is becoming ever more obvious that mankind really could use a helping hand, we are forced to back away from trying to find it.  Perhaps this is just part of the steps that have to happen for the big events of 2012, if we can’t see it coming it will only add to the drama, wouldn’t want SETI to foreshadow anything.

But if you are hoping to find a way to help out and bring the array back online, SETI is working towards moving away from ties to the government so as to avoid budgetary pitfalls.  This means they have set up a way for you to donate to the cause.  Click here to donate to SETI.