A Ratling and a Goblin are in a tavern…..

In a tavern in Smith City the ratling and the goblin who have formed a loose association are reviewing the adventurer postings near the front door when they notice that one of the wanted posters was for another patron in the tavern.  Just as this duo were debating how to best approach the draconian to capture him and gain their reward, now if they could just read the wanted poster they have.  At about the same time the nomad notices that the draconian is on the wanted poster as well.
The necromantic nomad approaches the draconian hoping to apprehend him for the reward. He strikes the demonologist draconian who breaths fire in his direction scorching several bar chairs and a table. This also alerts the tavern security. In retaliation the nomad summons a skeleton causing panic to ensue in the tavern. To this the goblin creates a aura of darkness around himself as well as the ratling, and a wolfling that had been sitting at the table, they are now all under the table. Since the wolfing and ratling can not see in the goblins darkness they are safe from checking on the status of their sanity from the skeletons fear aura, but the goblin can see through his own darkness and is therefore subject to the sanity check. At this point the draconian unleashed a homunculus into the world. This leads to the ratling taking control of the mental faculties of the homunculus and commanding it to transport the draconian out of the bar. While the homunculus is not strong enough to lift the demonologist there is no resistance as the bouncers are shoving them out anyways.
Once out in the street the ratling touches the draconian causing disease on him that will persist for the next several hours. To create a distraction, or draw attention, the goblin starts to scream “Plague, Plague!!” which encourages the draconian to exit in pursuit of a safe place to hide to wait out the horrible illness that has befallen him.

Stay tuned for updates to the adventure in the next few days…..

What happens when the Sphinx is gone?

While watching a documentary on the Sphinx I can not help but wonder what will happen when the Sphinx is completely gone.  Someday the stone that makes up the Sphinx will be worn away from weather and people and all that will be left is dust.  I guess it depends on how into conspiracy theory you are or how much Call of Cthulhu you have played as to how concerned you are by all the poking around that goes on with these ancient wonders.

I, myself, are rather concerned for one.  It only seems natural that they will someday open a door that was closed for a darn good reason and then where will we all be??

Until then the whole thought leads me to dark places in Call of Cthulhu or dark but still funny places in Horror Rules.  Perhaps I have found my inspiration for a Horror Rules adventure after all.  Dark places like the switching of the magnetic poles and the unknown havoc that will cause, perhaps north and south swap places even over the equator.  Or perhaps the world goes through a great change and magic returns to the world (that assumes you believe it was once here).  Or when it is all dust a homing beacon for an alien race will appear and begin broadcasting, we can only hope they are helpful like last time…

Your thoughts?

Legendary Lives 2nd Edition

My favorite game to run is Legendary Lives 2nd Edition.  I have been running this fantasy based RPG since the mid 90’s.  In particular I like the open magic system and the ease of game play.  Since Marquee Press went out of business the authors have put the rule book on the web at www.hauntedattic.org.  There are several other RPG books available on the site including Lost Souls which I have always wanted to run but have not yet had a group interested.

I will be using this blog to post an update of my current groups adventures every other week.  Look for the first post telling about how they all met in the next few days.