Modern Warfare – Cube Style

Machine Gun
I am always on the look-out for gifts that can be classed as “Geek Gifts” as I never know when I will find a must have for my husband or kids, or even myself for that matter. Recently I shared a great shirt that I found online, and will be buying shortly to wear at my next convention. But tonight I found a rubber band gun I only wish I had when I was a kid. Sure I had a nice homemade, one-shot pistol that my dad made me, but this machine gun takes the battle to a whole new level.

With a gun like this one you can really amp up the cube wars, or take those backyard fights to the next level. I am sure if I had one of these as a kid it would have been grand. Since I don’t work in a cube environment I will have to leave this to my more Dilbert type readers to see if the twelve shots in this baby are worth the investment. According to the write up it even comes with a sighting hole for increased accuracy.