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Gamestorm 14

Last weekend was another exciting gaming convention, sure wish I could go to more of them.  As it is nearly bedtime for me this will be short and sweet. For those that don’t know, Gamestorm is a gaming convention held each year in the Portland/Vancouver area of the PNW.  The last few years it has […]

The Jetsons

Cheap and Easy Sci-Fi Convention Costumes

Costumes galore… One of the aspects of the Science Fiction convention we go to each year, Orycon in Portland Oregon, is that people dress in all sorts of great costumes.  And while most of them are more inclined to be grouped with a genre, such as Steam Punk or Pirates, there are others that pick […]

99 Cent Costume Workshop – From Orycon 2

99 Cent Costume Workshop Every year that I have been to Orycon (which is the last several) the Portland Costumer’s Guild has put on the 99 Cent Costume Workshop.  I am sharing this great idea so that other groups might stumble upon this post and decide to do the same thing at their convention as […]

99 Cent workshop 2009

Kith from my LARP days

LARPs in Pacific Northwest 1

LARPs in Pacific Northwest Before you head off into the land of LARP you need to understand the two basic types of LARP that exist. The first is Boffer LARP and the second is Non-Boffer LARP. Let’s look at these a little bit closer. Boffer LARP Most Boffer LARP’s I have encountered are based in […]

The Perfect Gamestorm Shirt! 2

So as I am sure you are well aware I will be attending Gamestorm again this year in March. So I am looking to find a new shirt to wear at con, to go with my collection of gamer girl shirts. This year we are adding to our collection of friends that are going, one […]

Awesome Con Shirt

99 Cent Costume Workshop

Bringing your kids to Orycon

Kids and Con Perhaps one of the greatest challenges I have in being a gamer parent is how to incorporate my kids into my gamer life. Specifically without boring them and without them driving me crazy. Orycon is exactly one of those challenges. I didn’t discover Orycon until my husband and I got together. By […]

Orycon 2007 Costumes

Orycon 32 2

We are busy starting preparations in our house for this years Orycon event in November, this year it is November 12-14 at the Lloyd Center Doubletree.  Orycon is a Science Fiction convention held each year in Portland, the theme for this year is The Dark Side of Fantasy P.N. Elrod Author Guest of Honor Sharyn […]