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Blacker than Black

A new product

So, no doubt you have heard by now about Vantablack, the new product that absorbs 99.965% of light. If you haven’t then I suggest you go and check it out. Here is my favorite link about it (link here), I think the image there does a great job of showing off just how unusual and trippy to the human eye it looks. I am fairly certain that seeing this in person would “blow my mind” as my kids would say. While we are taught that what you see is really the reflection of light bouncing off a surface Vantblack’s ability to absorb virtually all light really illustrates it in a way no text or lecture can. I guess a picture is worth a million words in this case.


However what has me going is the variety of applications for this product combined with the fact that it is actually manufacturable and not just a great idea stuck in a lab somewhere. In fact the article I read (see link above) says they have already filled their first order. So beyond obvious stuff like coating the inside of a telescope, or to replace all the optical black anodized parts made now, where and how do you see this getting used?

Share your thoughts

I would love to see both your practical and your more fantastical ideas on the various uses for Vantablack. How could you build this into a game like Shadowrun or Cyberpunk? Could future ninjas be blacker than black, and would that be so black that they would stand out? Please post your thoughts in the comments below.

Start your morning with a bang

Caffeinated Syrup

There are so many neat and unnecessary things in this world that you could blow your hard earned cash on.  In fact, most of the stuff out there is unneeded even if most of it isn’t neat.  But, for the college student that needs that morning pick-me-up after an all-night math proofing session I found the perfect geek gift at Think Geek.

What they need is caffeinated pancake syrup!  Now you can have your Eggo waffle and your morning caffeine all at once.  Really, who needs this you might ask.  Well I know in my (early) college days I used to grab a Jolt cola and a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans and call it breakfast.  So I guess I could have used this back in the day.

What crazy things did/do you eat for breakfast?

Train your evil geekling

Welcome to another addition of Wacky Wednesday where I bring you one crazy item or article I have read online.

Doctor Who Ride-in DalekThis week I wanted to share with you the perfect way to start the early training in ultimate destruction of, well, everyone for your young geekling.  I bring to you the Ride in Dalek toy available at Think Geek.  Just when you thought you had seen it all in the Dr. Who fandom items, they dig a little deeper, but why not kids can love Dr Who also, right?

Personally, I would rather have put my kids in a sound effect laden Tardis, but I bet that is available somewhere too.  Who knows maybe your little one won’t turn out evil after all even after riding around in this ride!

A doll in your likeness

CloneFactory Image from laughingsquid

Courtesy of my gamer friends on Facebook I was introduced to a company from Japan called CloneFactory.  For around $1750 the will make a 20″ doll with an amazing, and rather freaky, resemblance to you, according to this post on laughingsquid.  I am not really sure why anyone would need a 20″ doll that has that much realism to it.  I can see where the adult industry could use this for larger dolls in the future though…





In case you don’t have enough bacon at your house may I suggest that you add a plush talking bacon to your collection?  This discovery was actually made at a friends house during the holiday season of 2010.  The primary reason it sticks in my memory banks is that the house where I saw it was a vegetarian house, hardly the local for a plush bacon.  The gentleman of the house had received it as a gift from a friend, just a gentle ribbing over the great food he is missing out on.  You can pick this up at, I suggest using one of my ads so you help support this website (I know, shameless plug).

Human ashes

My dad’s ash spreading

As you may know from previous posts my father passed away in March of this year. Tomorrow would have been his 67th birthday and we will be gathering as a family for a spaghetti dinner and to spread his ashes. All of this brings to mind some research I did a few years ago into the options of what one could do with a set of human ashes beyond keep them in a urn on the shelf, or spread them to the land, ocean, air or space. Here are some of the ideas I found online, some are just ideas that I have been proposed, while others are viable solutions for your use today.

A White Gem from LifeGem

Make a gem from ashes

You can turn the ashes from your loved one into a gem made by LifeGem. These gems come in a variety of colors, and require a pretty good investment of funds as well. For some people this would be a great way to keep the memories of your dearly departed near you at all times. Not really my thing, but I have never been a big jewelry girl.


Make artwork from ashes

Travels to Paradise Cremation Ash Painting

There are artists out there that can use some of the ashes of your loved one to help create a work of art that can be hung on your wall or put on your mantle as a memorial to your dearly departed. They use some ashes to make their works of art. Not sure what I would get a painting of for my father, so we will just be spreading him around the yard instead. It is an interesting idea though, if you are looking for an artist then I suggest checking out Art in Ashes.








Wieke Somers 3D Printer WorkOne artist, Wieki Somers, is using a 3D printer to turn human ashes, and some other ingredients I am sure, into works of art for an exhibit. Read more about it on designboom.





Plans for the future

Now when my husband dies, assuming he goes before me, I would love to turn his ashes into a set of gaming dice. With the advent of technology in the coming years I figure it shouldn’t be too far fetched when the time eventually gets here. As for me, I want my ashes spread by a great, mossy tree in a forest far from any water source. I get majorly sea sick and would hate for my ashes to make it to the ocean before they are mulched back into the earth.

Father’s Day for the Geek Dad

So here we are nearly done with the month of May.  Which at my house means two things are quickly coming up, first is my daughter’s Birthday and hot on its heels will be Father’s day.  While my daughter is blessedly easy to shop for, just get it in pink and she will love it – more so if it also has sparkles.

The harder shopping feet in our house is what the kids are going to get their dad and step-dad.  Both are not into the typical gifts so often advertised on sale this time of year.  No ties or bbq aprons will be purchased around here.  When you are shopping for a “gamer guy” it is best to find an appropriately geekish gift that they will actually like.  So I would highly suggest Think Geek, if you have been to their site you know what I mean.  If you haven’t been then you should go check it out.  I know that I am ordering my husband’s present from them.  I would tell you what it is but I don’t want it getting back to him.

If you are a gamer girl looking to make a geek gift for the dad in your life, then I recommend the Star Wars Craft Book. If I could knit I would say make my son the R2-D2 knit cap. Speaking of Star Wars, I was happy to get to watch most of the opening ceremonies for the redone Star Tours at Walt Disney World. I am sad to see a ride that I have always enjoyed change, but I understand that change is a part of life and so will manage. Though with our next vacation to Disney World coming up end of next year, I am excited to see the new version of Star Tours. It has been converted to 3D, of course, and now features a variety of different Star Tours to go on, which will give the ride some exciting variety. Can’t wait to report on what I think of it.

Halfling shirt!

Here I am sitting at the game table playing Call of Cthulhu, we are interrogating our prisoners from the first boat we took over, and I noticed on my laptop that Cafepress was having a sale on hoodies right now. So, being in need of a new hoodie (the rats ate holes in mine) I went cruising.
I haven’t settled on a hoodie yet, but I did find this great shirt that really is appropriate for not only me, but also as a theme shirt for this blog. Having been given the nick-name halfling in high school, knowing that I am not likely to get taller (I am only 4’10”) it seemed best to embrace the moniker and be a proud halfling. The image was only added to by my penchant for being barefooted and love of food.
Guess I will need to add this one to my closet too. If I keep finding all these cool gamer shirts I am going to have to buy some more hangers soon.

Modern Warfare – Cube Style

Machine Gun
I am always on the look-out for gifts that can be classed as “Geek Gifts” as I never know when I will find a must have for my husband or kids, or even myself for that matter. Recently I shared a great shirt that I found online, and will be buying shortly to wear at my next convention. But tonight I found a rubber band gun I only wish I had when I was a kid. Sure I had a nice homemade, one-shot pistol that my dad made me, but this machine gun takes the battle to a whole new level.

With a gun like this one you can really amp up the cube wars, or take those backyard fights to the next level. I am sure if I had one of these as a kid it would have been grand. Since I don’t work in a cube environment I will have to leave this to my more Dilbert type readers to see if the twelve shots in this baby are worth the investment. According to the write up it even comes with a sighting hole for increased accuracy.

Instant Con Costume Eyeshadow

Instant Eye ShadowSo being perfectly honest, make-up was one of those things I never did really figure out. Sure I know the basic idea of what goes where, in what order, and how to apply it. But I never went through middle school looking like a peacock with all the other girls, and so never really got the hang of it. This doesn’t bother me in my day to day life, especially since I grew up with both a mother and grandmother who never wore any either. The only time it gets to me is at convention time. When I get in costume for Orycon I would love to do up the make-up, especially with my wench costume. So I think before next convention I am going to order some of the instant eye shadow kits that are out there.

The one here is from a company called ColorOn and they have a wide variety of choices from the mild modern to the pretty out there like this one. Though, even the more out there ones have a home, as I am sure there are some convention costume out there, perhaps for Kumoricon that scream the need for this set. But it seemed to me to exemplify what these kits can do for an outfit. After all, the devil is in the details. Now I just need to figure out which of the many purple based kits would go with my costume best.

The Perfect Gamestorm Shirt!

So as I am sure you are well aware I will be attending Gamestorm again this year in March. So I am looking to find a new shirt to wear at con, to go with my collection of gamer girl shirts. This year we are adding to our collection of friends that are going, one of our additions is a couple that we game with. So since this time there will be a female friend for me to hang with I am most excited about the awesome shirt I just found on Cafepress, I am going to show it to my friend this week and see if she will go in with me and get us a matched set to wear around Gamestorm. It is sure to attract attention, draw comments, and may even help us win a couple games.